Cotecmar Shipyard is in the business of building quality ships  and repairing. We are experts  in all facets of ship repair, including design, steel fabrication, electrical, piping, machinery, blasting and coating. Committed to safety, proper and productive planning and quality job performance.

1) Ship building:Cotecmar has been building both military and civilian vessels   for both local and overseas clients.  Is currently working on new significant design and construction of :

  • OPV Ocean Patrol Vessel, length 264 feet, beam 43 feet, displacement 1723 tons, 4800 HP, speed 18 knots. (Please watch OPV video on the  bottom of this page).
  • Seagoing Tug boat type ( Doña Clary ) length 123 feet, beam 44 feet, draft 16 feet, propulsion  2 CAT 7268 HP – 2 Azimuthal schottel, bollard pull 70 tons.
  • Barge Design & Construction.  like Open Hopper barge, displacement 3000 MT, length 250 feet, beam 52.6 feet.
  • Some others marine constructionssatisfying customer needs.

2) Full Line of Ship Repair, and Marine Services: ranging from regular shipyard docking, inspections and maintenance  the outside of the ship’s hull and related items, such as  tails haft , screw/tubeshafts, rudders, propellers, sandblasting, and painting the extensive shell plating. Also structural and superstructure replacement. Under supervision of the classification society; while performing bottom / docking surveys for ship maintenance of class.

  • Auxiliary diesel machinery, electrical boards, motors, deck   systems and equipment maintenance, overhaul, and repairs.
  • Diesel Engine Installation & Repairs


  • All paints are done in accordance with CT DEP regulations and EPA NESHAP standards. Adopted the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Antifouling Systems on Ships (AFS Convention)
  • All of CotecmarShipyard’s  welding procedure specifications, procedure qualification records, and its welders are approved and qualified by  Lloyd’s Register .
  • Cotecmar  shipyard keeps an extensive record of material certificates, and purchases only  certified steel plate for all of its mild steel applications (unless otherwise specified).

Cotecmar  Shipyard  is capable of working in compliance with all Classification Society Standards and in strict adherence to international Safety and Quality Standards. Is accredited with the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certification by Lloyd’s Register. Its services, procedures, and specifications   are approved, recognized and certified by some class societies:

  1. DNV  Det Norske Veritas; approval of service suppliers
  2. ABS   American Bureau of Shipping,  Certificate of Service Recognition
  3. GL     Germanisher  Lloyd, approval certificate
  4. LR     Lloyd’s Register, Quality assurance certificate  ISO 9001:2008
  5. BV     Bureau Veritas, Certification.

We would like to invite you to watch the following video. Just CLICK on it.

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O.P.V. Ocean Patrol Vessel Video

OPV Ocean Patrol Vessel, length 264 feet, beam 43 feet, displacement 1723 tons, 4800 HP, speed 18 knots.

Seagoing Tug Boat Offshore Operations – Type  “Dona Clary”  /  Click on it to see Video

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