; is specialist in Ship delivery; transportation of any size and kind of vessels, on their own keel, under their own power, to any seaport   worldwide.  Is the experience  of our company;  capable  to organize, plan and execute all aspects of the delivery process; and able to provide competent crew for your ship delivery needs; safety  and security operation   of the vessel while sailing to an agreed destination.  It requires an interesting mix of qualified, certified, and experienced officers and rating seafarers for deck and engine departments.

We are a professional vessel delivery and working  team, managed  by Captain Carlos A. Cortes,  and his partner Chief Engineer Fidel Cruz. We are an integrated deck and engine marine crew  that perform a complete and detailed vessel  inspection, survey, test of systems and equipment, maintenance and repair service, sea trial, while preparing the vessel for the voyage. We are going to make sure the vessel is seaworthy and confirm that all systems and critical equipment are working properly without deficiencies; our goal is to make sure the vessel meet all conditions to have a safe trip to their final destination port.

We are highly qualified, certified and offer more than 25 years of experience in the maritime industry working on different kind of vessels such as Tug Boats, General cargo and container vessels, Tall Sail ship, Cruise Casino Vessel, cruise passenger vessel, oil / Chemical tanker, small cruise passenger vessel, cruise casino vessels, and yachts. In many of these, I, Captain Carlos Cortes held these positions; Chief mate, Safety officer or master/captain position.

Chief Engineer, Fidel Cruz, has worked as 3rd, 2nd, 1st Engineer and Chief Engineer for 26 years.  Sailing around the world, especially on the East Coast of  USA, the Bahamas and the Caribbean, the Antilles, central and South America, also through the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. With this professional profile, you can trust that your vessel or yacht is in the hands of knowledgeable professionals that will operate the ship in a proper, safe, and secure way.  We are based in Central Florida USA; for airport coordination, and quick departures to begin your service or delivery as requested.

Types of vessels  served w/ (Photo Gallery )

CAC Marine Services: we deliver ships on their own keel and under their own power. We have the experience in marine transportation, sailing around the world, and working on board some many types of vessels such as seagoing tug boat, general cargo and container vessels, tall sail ship, cruise casino vessels, oil / chemical tankers, and cruise passenger vessels.


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