CAC Marine Services, offer the highest quality ship delivery management projects. That includes everything from qualified shore side technical support, following ship reactivation and/or preparation working plan; crew manning, shipboard familiarization and training; then appraisal, planning, execution, and monitoring voyage plan. Our commitment is to deliver your ship to its destination as safely and quickly as possible consistent with the vessels capabilities.

We will provide you with a professional and reliable services at a reasonable price:

  1. Ship delivery project, its transportation from one seaport to another seaport, using their own propulsion system, to any place worldwide.
  2. Vessel inspection: deck and engine systems, machinery, equipment, testing, to ensure seaworthy condition and arrange for maintenance and repair activities to correct any deficiency. Sea trial.
  3. Test of all bridge radio communication, and navigation systems and equipment.
  4. Safety: Inspection of LSA ( Life Saving Appliance) equipment. Test and inspection of FP-FF  ( Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting) Systems and equipment.
  5. Marine consultant to provide service, maintenance, repair and overhaul of engines and machinery when needed.
  6. Shipboard internal audits: for ISM-SMS (safety), and ISPS code (security).  SMS ( Safety Management Systems) and SSP (Ship Security Plan).
  7. As DPA (Designate Person Ashore), According to ISM; and/or as  CSO (Company Security Officer) According to ISPS code.
  8. Human Resources and Crewing Management: We provide International qualified, motivated, and certified seafarers, for deck and engine departments. Officers and ratings (ABs, motorman, cook, etc ). In compliance with the ship minimum safe manning certificate. We offer a Crew Management Service package per ship needed for any particular marine shipboard project.
  9. Crewing  ships in lay-up with suitably qualified and certified deck and engine marine crew that will be in charge and responsible for the vessel of the proposed lay-up period, following maintenance, safety  and security procedures and regulations.
  10. Crew Training: Shipboard basic safety training, vessel familiarization, drills as per muster list and safety plans, shipboard implementation of   ISM-SMS, SSP (Ship Security plan). And/or on any particular marine topic as required, such as navigation, boat handling, maintenance, safety operation of engines,  deck, and bridge systems and equipment.
  11. Designated Cotecmar Sales Representative in Orlando, FL. USA. To provide a better customer service, information about Cotecmar shipyard capabilities, dry dock schedule, and services.  We are ready to assist you on all calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will make your communications with Cotecmar esay, fast and without intermediaries. Acting as coordinator, and as liaison between vessel management team and shipyard commercial head department.

Steps in the Delivery Process

  1. Submit a Proposal Request: Complete and submit our ship delivery contact form (Ship characteristics) – If we are not on a ship delivery project, we will respond within 24 hours.
  2. Review Proposal response. Contact us with any questions.
  3. If our proposal is acceptable and you want us to do the ship delivery, call or send an email letting   us know your plan, desired date to join the vessel, etc.
  4. A Contract will be sent to you and must be signed and returned, along with requested deposit and insurance documents, before the departure date.
  5. Initial communication: we will coordinate flight  arrangements for all the required crew to  join the vessel, once on board  start vessel deck and engine inspection and preparation.
  6. Vessel inspection report will be delivered with a list of deficiencies found, status of the deck equipment, main engine, generators, machinery, systems and equipment; recommendations for a working plan to prepare the vessel for the voyage in compliance with national and international marine safety and security regulations. We will also provide bridge communication and navigation equipment status report, nautical publication and charts needed for the voyage.
  7. Food provisions, and fresh water for the delivery, spare parts for deck and engine as  requested, fuel and oil bunkering,  lashing and secure all loose equipment on board for sea.
  8. Prepare and execute preparation for delivery working plan, execute and control all the activities, ETD (estimate time of departure) and   ETA (estimate time of arrival), according with the prepared passage plan.
  9. Complete all relevant customs and immigration paperwork for vessels going to foreign ports.
  10. Keep daily communication with the owner during the entire delivery process, to provide geographical vessel position, and keep up to date, all regarding vessel delivery status, voyage progress, and  will send a report  where communication capability exists.
  11. Keep and provide an accurate accounting expenses balance report, and receipts that detail all expenses incurring the voyage.
  12. Once arrived at the destination port, the vessel will be delivered to the owner and/or to a designated person through the designated ship agent.

Delivery Preparation

Captain Carlos Cortes and Chief Engineer Fidel Cruz, having years of experience at sea on board cruise vessels, general cargo and container vessels, oil / chemical tankers, tall sail ships and yachts; know and understand national and international maritime rules and regulations to be in compliance on board during any  seagoing voyage. We know the risks and the forces which act on a vessel’s hull and structure during the navigation. We know how to find hidden flaws which sometimes go unnoticed, but may cause serious problems if not discovered in time.

Before departure we  perform a complete inspection of the vessel. This includes deck and engine systems and equipment, bridge radio and navigation system and equipment, vessel structure, hull, decks, accommodations, tanks, void spaces, LSA (Life Saving Appliance), FP-FF (Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting) systems and equipment, and all mechanical and electronic systems.

We will made a ship preparation working plan: enclosed deficiencies found on critical equipment, expired ship certificates, maintenance and/or repairs needed for the voyage. Then make the requisitions, once on board the spare parts, materials and technicians if requested, execute and control the working plan until the ship is ready to depart.

Any recommendations for repairs or maintenance, if necessary, can be completed at the owner’s discretion.

In Transit and Log books

We will have Deck and Engine daily log books to register hourly positions, communications, deck and engine systems, machines and equipment performance, activities and work done.  Electronics, engine(s) and other systems are tested, proved and monitored for potential problems and/or suggested improvements.

After Delivery Follow-up

When arriving at the port of destination, the ship is fueled up, cleaned up, prepared and set ready to go.

Captain will deliver the command, and ship certificates, to who was designated in the ship delivery contract. Through a written master/captain hand over with three annexes; (1) Bridge radio and navigation equipment, (2) Deck and safety systems and equipment, and (3) Engine room and machinery.

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