cotecmar2C O T E C M A R
Zona Industrial via Mamonal Km 9
Cartagena, Colombia.

Cotecmar Shipyard  is  the largest, oldest and best ship building, located in Cartagena, Colombia, it is also the  nearest  shipyard with solutions for any ship in emergency, and/or following ship repairing, and maintenance plans. It is very close to major Caribbean shipping routes, Southern Florida USA, Central America, Antilles Islands, and Caribbean seaports. It has built both military and civilian vessels for both local and overseas clients since 1969.

From port of Distance From port of Distance
  Tampa, FL. 1311 NM Miami, FL. 1073 NM
  Nassau, Bahamas 1204 NM Cancun, Mexico 882 NM
  Puerto Barrios, Guatemala 870 NM Ponce, Puerto Rico 714 NM
  Kingstown, Jamaica 456 NM Sto Domingo, Dominican Rep 592 NM
  Willemstad, Curacao 449  NM Colon, Panama 258 NM

The Cotecmar Shipyard, facilities and infrastructure

Syncrolift platform Capabilities

Syncrolift platform Capabilities and dimensions

                       Platform Length                       117 meters = 383 feet
                       Platform Width                       22  meters = 72 feet
                       Available Water Depth                       5.4  meters = 17 feet at MLLW
                      Syncrolift lifting capacity                       3600 tons  ( Light ship weight)
                      Syncrolift lifting capacity                       47.9 Tons  per square meter

4 Piers for afloat repair and vessel preparation

                 1- Pier North        125 meters =  410 feet  / water depth  4,0 meters = 12 ft
                 2- Pier South        117 meters =  383 feet  / water depth  4,0 meters = 12 ft
                 3- Syncrolift North side        152 meters =  498 feet  / water depth  4,2 meters = 13 ft
                 4- Syncrolift South side        152 meters =  498 feet  / water depth  4,2 meters = 13 ft

                          Entering to the sincrolift (piers sincrolift North and South)


Prestigious cruise line companies have   chosen Cotecmar shipyard to send   their medium size cruise vessels  for general maintenance, repairs and renovations giving them the highest safety, quality materials, and services in compliance with international regulations, class, flag, and company requirements.

8  Dry docking positions and lengths

         1- PV1   120 meters = 393 feet               6- PV5    67  meters = 219 feet
         2- Extension  PV1   119 meters = 390 feet               7- PV6    66  meters = 216 feet
         3- PV2   114 meters = 376 feet               8- PV7    66 meters = 216 feet
         4- PV3   108 meters = 354 feet               * Transfer car 88 meters =291 feet
         5- PV4    99  meters = 324 feet               * Transfer shaft  156 meters = 511 feet

Cotecmar Shipyard has the capacity to run multiple projects,  in general maintenance, repairs and renovations. It is also capable of servicing several kinds of ships simultaneously, such as war ships, general cargo and container vessels, new construction of river patrol  boats,  tanker ships, and  tall sail ships as per the photo. Giving them the highest safety, quality materials, and service in compliance with international maritime safety regulations, class society and flag surveyors.

There is a second Shipyard: Bocagrande shipyard is smaller than the Mamonal, which is fully equipped to satisfy the international demand. Although it has also been certified by Lloyd’d Register Quality Assurance based on ISO 9001, its dimensions are: it has 250 meters of docking bays, a SLIP or ramp Dry Dock with 1200 tons lifting capacity and two dry docking positions. It has five shops specialized in mechanics, welding, priming and painting, an engine shop and  a electricity shop. This infrastructure is complemented by that of   Mamonal, because they carry out projects together, which provides clients with even greater coverage.


Design and construction of an Ocean Patrol vessel

Design and construction of an Ocean Patrol vessel

Design and  New Construction of an Open Hopper Barge

Equipment & Facilities

The Cotecmar Shipyard, the Mamonal facilities have the infrastructure required to compete international markets. The units located there, are certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance under ISO 9001. They are  on working area of 118.000 square meters.

The shipyard capacities fulfill all their functions using a syncrolift that is 117 meters long, 22 meters wide, capable of lifting up to 3600 tons. It has four docking bays and eight dry docking positions, where the ships are moved using a 156 meters transfer shaft.

With  five shops, whose machinery and tools provide support for mechanical activities, machine and fabrication shop that houses lathes, drill presses, milling machines, a planner, bench grinders, band saws, a large collection of tooling and machinists tools, a large collection of welding equipment including pulse-arc and short-arc power supplies, plasma cutters, oxy/acetylene/propane torches, hydraulic shear, hydraulic press brake, hydraulic iron working/punch, abrasive cut-off saw, two 7.5 –tons, and 11.25-tons  SWL overhead cranes.

A mechanics’ shop and an electrical shop are also onsite. The mechanics’ shop has a large collection of tools, special tools, and spare parts for common Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, MTU, CAT, and MAN engines. The electrical shop with special tools, and  a large inventory of shipboard marine cable, lights, and junction boxes.

Complete and separate workshops: Sand blasting / water blasting, paint, priming and coating, carpenter,  plumbing – pipes,  and valves service shops.


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