CAC Marine Services; we offer  the highest quality Human Resources and Crewing Management  Services, to the maritime industry including shore side qualified technical support to seafarers management package designed to relieve owners of the workload related to the manning of their vessels.  Managed by a Captain with specialization and experience in H.R. and crewing. Our goals is to support and make the life of the Ship Operator as easy as possible by delivering a Personnel Management Service tailored to suit the individual company requirements.

Ship Delivery Services include HR and crewing management projects, provide qualified, certified, healthy, highly experienced and motivated marine crew for all ship-delivery project needs.  We can assist with long or short projects and specialist requirements including sea trials, re-activation of vessels and delivery for scrapping.

Our complete crew management package encompasses at least all of the following areas of marine personnel management:

  1. Crew Recruitment: identifying the position, advertising, applicant screening, interviewing, reference checks, placement, and procedures for joining ship and repatriating crew.
  2. Medical examinations and fitness certificates, monitoring medical status, arranging medicals, maintaining company Drugs and Alcohol Policy.
  3. Payment of wages, with overtime, service bonuses, etc. of officers and crew.
  4. Implementation and follow up of drug and alcohol policies.
  5. Crew P&I insurance as well as handling of respective claims.
  6. Training: identifying training needs, maintenance of training records, arranging courses, assessing training establishments etc.
  7. Administration: Proper qualification and certification of crew,  maintaining personal records, Visa applications, Certificate renewals, liaison with clients, dealing with grievance / disciplinary procedures, promotions, resignations, appraisal,  etc.
  8. Operations: including the scheduling of crews, leave monitoring, arranging crew changes, travel, providing suitable cover for sickness/study leave etc., supply of uniform, safety working gear.
  9. Welfare: including maintenance of sickness records, compassionate leave, and dealing with next of kin.

Our crew management services are flexible, competitive and cover the complete spectrum of human resources management for the ship owner.

Ship Delivery & Crewing

Experienced crews are available, long or short term, and can be selected to suit any particular requirements, including sea trials, re-activation of laid up vessels and delivery for a project, or scrapping.

Ship delivery is a very special and unique profession in the shipping business. However we have the ability and the qualified personnel to provide a delivery service for any type of vessel, and size in Gross Tons. So when we receive initial Ship Delivery Contact Form we would like to find the following information:

a) Type of vessel (cruise, tanker, tall sail, container ship, general cargo etc).
b) Gross tons.
c) Port of registered/country.
d) Number of  crew needed, and their  positions for deck and engine.(details).
e) Country where the crew will fly to join the vessel, and port/ country of final destination.

Human Resources will call the seafarers needed for the open positions, certified according to STCW-95,  with experience on each type of ships requested, and in the same position.

If there is any way that we can be of service to you please complete and submit our Ship Delivery Contact Form and/or E-mail us with your requirements.

We will be pleased to discuss and provide a quote for any service that we may be able to provide.


We recruit seafarers, officers and rating, to work on board ship on deck or engine departments. Our employees must satisfy any marine crew requirements, and must be available to work on long-term and/or short-term contracts, during the ship delivery project as required by the client.

Requirements for Deck and Engine Officers: must be certified as per STCW, for navigational watch or engine room watch; must be able to provide IMO courses certificates accordingly, previous shipboard experience, certificates of discharge, and other proof of sea time on ocean going vessels.

Police background, medical examination, and drug test.

We are always looking to complement our qualified and certified delivery teams, with Deck and Engine, officers and rating marine crew, on the following position:

                             Deck Department                  Engine Department
                             Master / Captain                  Chief engineer
                             First Officer                  First engineer
                             Second Officer                  Second engineer
                             Third Officer                  Third engineer
                             A.B. Able-bodied Seaman                  Electrician
                             O.S. Seaman                  Engine mechanic
                             Cook                  Motorman

If you are interested in working on these kind of projects, and believe you can contribute to our success, you are welcome to send resumes, credentials, endorsements,   proof of basic training in accordance with STWC-95 requirements, basic and advanced IMO course certificates, passport, USA C1/D visa.  All of these documents scanned on PDF and forward your application to:
E-mail :

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